Financial Officer/Accountant

Reporting to: Secretary Manager (CEO)

Purpose of the position

The Finance Officer is responsible for supervising the Club’s financial and accounting procedures, preparing annual accounts and reports, interpreting financial results and supervising direct reports.

Responsibilities & duties

a)   Administration

  • Implement Club policies and procedures, as set by the Board of Directors and the CEO
  • Report financial and accounting matters to the CEO and Board of Directors, including written reports when required

b)   Accounting/Payroll/Finance

  • Apply relevant legislation relating to taxation, industrial instruments and corporations
  • Oversee and monitor payment of accounts, payroll and the Club’s superannuation obligations
  • Prepare annual accounts and annual reports as requested by the CEO and Board of Directors
  • Interpret financial results and trends and make recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors
  • Prepare statutory returns relating to poker machines, financial performance and taxation
  • Help the Board of Directors, CEO and other managers prepare budgets
  • Supervise stock control and stocktaking, where required
  • Analyse trading results in bar, gaming and kitchen areas, where required

c)   Personnel/Human Resources

  • Prepare accounting procedures, in conjunction with the CEO
  • Supervise staff who prepare accounts and undertake other accounting duties
  • Delegate authority/duties to clerical staff
  • Identify training needs for direct reports

d)   Hours of Employment

  • Hours of employment negotiable
  • Willing to work weekends as required

Academic or trade qualifications

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) To obtain within two months of employment
  • Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) To obtain within two months of employment
  • Tertiary qualification in Business/Finance /Accounting 

Specific skill, knowledge and attribute requirement

Essential Desirable
Written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail


Ability to Communicate Financial Reports to the CEO and Board of Directors
Proficiency with computer software, Office Programs


Knowledge of Clubline financial & payroll system
Knowledge of relevant legislation under which Club’s operate e.g. Corporations Act


Legal reporting i.e. AUSTRAC, ASIC, BAS, Gaming Tax etc.
Ability to interpret and apply industrial instruments and legislation governing employment relationships


Knowledge of award conditions, work cover, WHS


With Purpose
Accounts Department staff Give direction to accounts staff and ensure correct policies and procedures are followed


CEO The Finance Officer is supervised and supported by the CEO and is consulted about

the financial and accounting activities of the Club.


Auditor Provide the Club Auditor with all financial reports, Bank statements, invoices etc. for annual and random Audits.


Board of Directors Report the club’s financials to the Finance committee and attend Monthly Board meetings.