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Mulwala Water Ski Club

Welcome to the Mulwala Water Ski Club, your premier destination for exceptional dining, entertainment, skiing facilities and accommodation on the picturesque shores of Lake Mulwala. Here, every day is an opportunity to create lasting memories, whether you’re gliding on water skis or savouring a meal with lake views or waking up to sunrise on the water. Discover your next adventure with us, where the spirit of the Murray River comes alive.

Drinking & Dining

Stay at Mulwala Water Ski Club

Lakeside Accommodation

Adjacent to the Mulwala Water Ski Club, Ski Club Holiday Park offers a prime lakeside stay within our grounds. Choose from an array of comfortable accommodation options, ranging from our inviting, fully-equipped cabins to our luxurious waterfront apartments, cabins and villas, each promising a stay that’s as relaxing or invigorating as you wish. Our accommodation is carefully curated to harmonise with the natural beauty of Lake Mulwala, ensuring your experience is not just a stay, but an extension of the leisure and excitement the club is known for

A Legacy of Water Skiing Excellence

We’re not just the largest Water Ski Club globally; we’re a community with a rich legacy of nurturing champions and celebrating remarkable achievements in water skiing, from national to world championships.

Community and Connection

Rooted in over 40 years of history, we take pride in supporting our local community, fostering connections, and contributing to our vibrant local economy. We stand tall as a symbol of growth and communal aspiration, honouring the dream that began as the ‘Paradise Water Ski Club.’

Facilities and Fun for All

Discover the abundance of amenities at your fingertips.

A Club with History and Heart

From our 40th-anniversary milestone to our continuous evolution, the Mulwala Water Ski Club stands as a testament to community spirit and the heights of achievement. Join us where history meets the horizon, where every visit is more than a moment – it’s a memory in the making.