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Waterski & Wakeboard Australia

Experience the pulse of Australian waterskiing and wakeboarding with Waterski & Wakeboard Australia (WAWA). As the nation’s premier authority for towed water sports, WAWA encompasses everything from wakeboarding to show skiing. Our commitment extends beyond sport; we’re building a community with our complimentary ‘Community Member’ category, fostering connections and advocating for the conservation of our waterways. Anchored at the world-class Mulwala Water Ski Club, WAWA is creating a dynamic hub for athletes and fans to gather, grow, and celebrate the exhilaration of water sports.

Australia’s Peak Body for Water Skiing

Waterski & Wakeboard Australia is the peak body for water skiing in Australia. WAWA is structured as a sports discipline based organisation that reflects the operation of the sport within all States. The disciplines currently include divisions of Waterski, Barefoot, Disabled, Show Skiing, Wakeboard and Cable Wakeboard (interim). Ski Racing Australia is a separate body with close ties to WAWA through our affiliation to the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation.

Uniting Water Sport Enthusiasts

WAWA is passionate about connecting people involved in towed water sports and is launching exciting programs across Australia, aiming to boost entry-level participation and elevate high-performance athletes. As part of this initiative, we’re excited to introduce our ‘free’ membership category of ‘Community Member’, designed to connect recreational water sports enthusiasts. Join this vibrant network to stay informed and build a community that can stand together to advocate for our favourite waterways—keeping them open, clean, and protected for everyone’s enjoyment, and best of all it’s FREE!
WAWA has established a physical home base in an exciting partnership with the Mulwala Water Ski Club. Situated in the perfect location for the future growth of our sport, the Mulwala Water Ski Club stands as the largest licensed water ski club in the world! The vision is for the “Home of Waterskiing’ to be the ultimate gathering spot for towed water sports enthusiasts. With the amazing facilities of the Max Kirwan Ski Park and the fantastic amenities at the MWSC club, it’s the perfect opportunity for WAWA members to engage, learn, and thrive in our vibrant community.