Ski Club History

The Vision

Situated on the site of The Mulwala Water Ski Club, a sawmill operated from the 1880’s-1981, assisted by various paddle steamers including the P.S. Australien & P.S. Pilot. Lake Mulwala itself was formed in the late 1930’s as an integral part of the Murray River irrigation system.

1949 – 1982


Water skiing was introduced to Lake Mulwala


Victorian Water Ski State

Championships held on Lake Mulwala


A Water Ski Club was formed, named ‘Mulwala Paradise Water Ski Club’


Victorian Water Ski Association, headed by Max Kirwan, acquired land from Mr Albert Foster with the vision to build a Water Ski Club House


Work commenced on the
Water Ski Club House,
a single story brick building


The Water Ski Club is in the final stage of construction with work valued at $250,000 to complete the project

“The history of the Mulwala Water Ski Club should be recognised as a testament to what heights can be obtained”

Max Kirwan

(Mulwala Water Ski Club President 1982-1995)

The Beginning

1982 – 1991


The official opening of the Mulwala Water Ski Club

Liquor & Gaming was introduced

400 Club members


$180,000 extension commenced


The Mulwala Water Ski Club
purchases the adjacent
Cypress Gardens Caravan Park
currently known as the
Lake Mulwala Holiday Park


The first Ski Show Nationals held on Lake Mulwala in front of the Lake Mulwala Holiday Park


The club acquires its
first ski boat for training
& tournament use


A $2.1 million expansion

“The Club has never been out of its depth & it has gradually developed into probably the greatest Water Ski Club in the world”

Bert Foster

(Early pioneer of water skiing on Lake Mulwala and also credited
with giving the Mulwala Water Ski Club an invaluable start)

The Progression

1992 – 2001


The club was presented with an ‘Excellence in Construction Award’ for the 1991 extension


Work commences on the club-owned Mulwala Water Ski Park, located out
on Barooga Road


Official opening of the
Mulwala Water Ski Park


The ‘Disabled World Championships’ are held at the Mulwala Water Ski Park

5,000 Club Members


A $1.7 million extension commences, dramatically transforming the Club

“Our Club can rightly be proud of its magnificent Water Ski Park & beautiful Clubhouse. A tribute to all concerned”

Ken Williams

(Director 1983-1995 & Life Member since 2001)

The Journey

2001– 2013


‘World Barefoot Championships’ conducted at the Mulwala Water Ski Park


The Water Ski Park is renamed ‘Max Kirwan Ski Park’ - in honour of Max Kirwan

‘Asian Australasian Waterski, Wakeboard & Barefoot Championships’, a world first, hosted at the Ski Park


Cypress Gardens Caravan Park undergoes an extensive upgrade and is renamed ‘Lake Mulwala Holiday Park’

A $7 million redevelopment of the club begins


‘The Malibu Deck’ completed


‘World Junior Ski Championships’ and ‘National Wakeboard Championships’ hosted at the Max Kirwan Water Ski Park

7,000 Club Members

“Mulwala Water Ski Club has become a popular tourist destination not only due to our progressive facilities but our successful Water Ski Team & World Class Water Ski Park Venue”

Len Langford

(Director 1995-2000 Vice President 2000-2002, President 2002-current)

The Growth

2014 – 2019


World Barefoot Titles’ & ‘National Ski Titles’ hosted at Max Kirwan Water Ski Park. Ski Team represented in both.

Members of Ski Team in the ‘World Show Ski Championships’.

$1.8m of capital improvements - Record Profit of $1.14m.


Ski Team won ‘National Show Ski Championship’.

Ski Pro Pete O’Neill wins 10th ‘National Barefoot’ title.

Malibu Deck Bar built.


27 members of Ski Team in ‘World Show Ski Championships’ placed second in the world.


Malibu Deck upgrade & new Deck Bar ‘The best seat in town’.

$7m loan (2007) now paid in full.

Ski Team won ‘Australian Ski Show Championships’.

Won Australian Clubs Entertainment venue award for ‘Excellence and Commitment to Entertainment’.

Record Profit of $1.51m.

9500 Club Members.


Commence $3 million upgrade to Holiday Park

$2.2m of capital improvements for the Club & Holiday Park


$450,000 upgrade to Max Kirwan Ski Park to world class with NSW State Government Grant $300,000

Ski Team won ‘National Show Ski Championships’

$3.13m of capital improvements. 11,000 Club Members

"The staff have been the backbone of the Club, while the Directors’ leadership has resulted in excellent growth. With strong foundations and continued progress we strive to remain a destination of choice"

Len Langford

Vice President 2000-2002, President 2002-2020