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Waterside, Pizza Pasta & Grill

Reservations Recommended

Located on the edge of Lake Mulwala, Waterside is the Mulwala Water Ski Club’s go-to family dining gem. The views here rival the food, with local produce that takes centre stage, pizzas perfect for a group, and steaks that will keep the town talking.

Whether it’s for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Waterside Pizza Pasta & Grill is a popular Mulwala restaurant. 

It’s a place for families to gather, friends to meet, and memories to be made. So come on in and make yourself at home — we’re dishing out the best of lakeside dining, where every bite comes with a view.

Open 7 Days

7 days, 8.30am-11am (excludes Christmas Day)
Lunch & Dinner
  • Fri-Sat: 11am-3pm; 5pm-late
  • Sun-Thurs: 11am-3pm; 5pm-10pm

Accessibility & Dietary Requirements

Our ground-floor Restaurant welcomes all guests, with accessibility and dining options to suit every need, including a variety of dietary requirements.

Specials & Promotions

Daily specials and a seasonally changing menu await, featuring the finest selections from local suppliers.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure

Open to everyone — members and visitors alike — Waterside is where local flavours and regional wines come to life. Our menu, highlighting the best regional produce, turns each meal into an exploration of delightful tastes and aromas. With an all-new, all-abilities children’s playground within easy view, parents can unwind and enjoy excellent food and great company while the kids have fun nearby.

Local Flavours, Handcrafted Delights

Our menu celebrates the heart of the region. From crisp, refreshing salads to comforting classics, we’re serving up a feast of local favourites and inventive new tastes. Whether it’s a pizza cooked to golden perfection, pasta swirled with rich, homemade sauces, or a steak that’s sourced locally and grilled just the way you like it, every dish is a testament to our love for fresh, quality ingredients.

Sustainably Sourced

Quality at Waterside goes beyond taste. It’s about respect for our environment and community. We’re committed to sourcing from local and Australian suppliers, ensuring every meal supports sustainability and local excellence.

Your Table Awaits

At Our Mulwala Restaurant

At Waterside Pizza, Pasta & Grill, every visit is an opportunity to discover new tastes and create memories. Whether you’re seeking a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a family feast, our doors are open to bring you an unparalleled dining experience. While we look forward to welcoming you, we recommend you book.

Membership Perks

We value our Ski Club members. Swipe your full membership card, and you'll receive up to 10% discount at the main bar and across our dine-in menu. Simple as that!