Malibu Deck

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The Malibu Deck

Unwind in Style By the Water

Step onto the Malibu Deck at Mulwala Water Ski Club and find yourself in a lakeside retreat where live music, scheduled throughout the week, enhances the peaceful scenery of Lake Mulwala. This deck promises relaxation with its elegant open-air design and stylish touches, transforming any visit into an escape from the everyday. Whether basking in the sun or enjoying the starlit sky, the Malibu Deck is your year-round destination for laid-back luxury.

Opening Hours

We're open from 9:30 am to late, 7 days a week.

The only exception? Christmas Day, when even our coffee machines get a break.

Accessibility & Dietary Requirements

Everyone's welcome here! Located conveniently on the ground floor, our coffee shop is accessible to all. Gluten-free or vegetarian? Let our friendly staff know, and we'll meet your dietary needs.

Specials & Promotions

Enjoy our daily specials. They're the perfect chance to try something new or snag a deal on an old favourite.

Happy Customers

Unwind in Style

The Malibu Deck is the club’s crown jewel, located on the edge of beautiful Lake Mulwala and offers stunning views of sparkling blue water and live music weekly, often playing late into the night.

Step out onto the open-air outdoor designer deck and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday, with the sweeping water views, designer deck with stylish furniture, dreamy décor, lush greenery with easy access to bars, coffee shop, restaurants, sports lounge and more! If that’s not saying sunset drinks, we don’t know what will.

Perfect All Year Round

There’s a retractable roof and an impressive drink selection, which means you can soak in those perfect water views with a glass of something nice in hand, rain or shine, all year long.

Membership Perks

We value our Ski Club members. Swipe your full membership card, and you'll receive up to 10% discount at the main bar and across our dine-in menu. Simple as that!

Cocktails By The Lake

Elevate your lakeside experience with our signature cocktail selection on the Malibu Deck and the Main Lounge. Our expertly mixed drinks range from the classics to modern twists, each concocted with high-quality spirits and fresh ingredients. As you enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Mulwala, let our cocktails complement the natural splendour and the relaxed ambience of your surroundings.

Whether you’re in the mood for a zesty Mojito, a smooth Espresso Martini, or a non-alcoholic Tropical Delight, our cocktails promise a sophisticated sip for every palate, any day of the week. 

Your Go-To Destination for Live Entertainment

Don’t’ forget your dancing shoes! With live and free entertainment on most Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. We are the No. 1 destination along the Murray for entertainment.

It’s all here at Mulwala Water Ski Club, the perfect location for your next celebration.