Learn from an experienced team of water skiers, wakeboarders, barefooters. Most lessons are run right from shore in-front of the Mulwala Waterski Club, but if you want to hit the slalom course or get some barefooting in, check out the Advanced Slalom Ski lessons or our Barefoot Lessons below.

You can even book your own boat onto the Max Kirwan Ski Park right here under Ski Park Bookings.

Lesson Pricing

Pricing: Half Hour 1 on 1 private lesson – $120 / Hour Lesson (max 3 people) – $215 / Group Lessons from $315

The Running of Lessons and rides will now be handled by the Murray River Watersports Association, A group of Volunteers that are ensuring waterski schools can continue to operate into the future. The same great staff that you know and love will still be there coaching and you can expect the high level of expertise and friendliness you have come to know from us over the years.

The Murray River Watersports Association was formed in 2018 as a direct response to the crazy rules that govern commercial vessels. They are a not for profit organisation whose single goal is to ensure that waterski tuition is fun, informative, and most importantly, safe and inclusive for everyone. The MRWA maintains a Malibu VTX and a roster of dedicated coaches who will ensure you have a super positive experience on the water.