The Ski Show Nationals kick off in March

Australian Show Ski Nationals March 25th and 26th

Last on the list for our amazing summer of competition is the Australian Show Ski Nationals. And if you don’t know what that means well let me explain

A Ski Show Nationals involves teams putting on a show for an hour, It must contain at least 13 acts and show off a range of skills and tricks throughout. Scores are based on difficulty, execution, presentation, heck even the costumes and announcer are scores.

Sounds a little complicated and it is but you don’t need to worry. What it means is that the spectator is front and centre in every decision the team makes. They actually have to perform their skills in front of the crowd or they won’t be judged. Shows are funny, thrilling, expertly skied, driven, and performed and it’s an amazing two days.

Even the individual competitors are designed to impress. with Swivel skiing, Ski Jumping and doubles all taking place right in front of the grandstands. This is not your normal Waterski event.

If you like going to the cricket or football and enjoy a drink while watching the game. Well, this is waterskiing version and it’s incredible to be at. We can’t recommend strongly enough that you come and watch as you won’t be disappointed.

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