Mulwala Water Ski Club is in the process of implementing a sustainability strategy

The MWSC is committed to reducing the generation of waste to landfill.

Mulwala Water Ski Club acknowledges:

  • Most matter currently considered as waste has resource potential;
  • Continue to introduce measures to reduce waste especially food waste
  • Endeavour to recycle all plastics, glass, cardboard, and paper
  • Plans for a Solar Farm are processing and will be built on unused land at Max Kirwan Water Ski Park;
  • Reuse rather than throw out where possible;
  • The need for club management to support the staff as it transitions to achieve our waste reduction goals;
  • The club will also work with both restaurants to achieve our waste management goals.

Mulwala Water Ski Club guarantees to:

  • Reduce consumption and production of waste;
  • Continue to increase recycling and reduce the club’s waste to landfill;
  • Support education programs to reduce material consumption and increase waste diversion
  • Deflect from general waste where possible eg: soft plastics, printer cartridges, food (leftovers & discarded);
  • Support “Keep Australia Beautiful” and “Clean Up Australia Day”
  • Encourage waste reduction to the point where they’re appreciated by members and visitors alike.


  • Disposal of waste costs continue to increase
  • Diversion of resources from landfill;
  • Waste has a negative impact on the environment;


  • Regular internal training for club staff on environmental sustainability;
  • Green Team to increase understanding, awareness, and action regarding environmental sustainability in
    the workplace;
  • Seek internal and external funding to implement environmental sustainability projects;
  • Provide advocacy on waste reduction and sustainability issues.